The Lepton UW is a micro-thermal camera module with a 160-deg. field of view that is small enough to fit on the tip of a finger. The new module is designed to provide excellent size, weight and performance for applications requiring a wide field of view, including fire detection, process monitoring and people counting. The camera features a usable 120 x 120 thermal resolution and a scene dynamic range of up to 752 deg. F. Like the entire Lepton family, it also features thermal sensitivity of <50 mK. Customers will continue to receive Lepton products quickly and efficiently. For people counting, Lepton UW provides a unique dataset that is not susceptible to overcounting through glass while also maintaining personal privacy. When combined with building automation software, the Lepton UW can help facility managers better optimize and automate energy usage, occupant comfort and workspace management. As part of Lepton purchases, integrators can leverage the online Lepton integration toolbox with application notes and source code for testing on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. The Teledyne FLIR technical services team is also available to support customer licensing of the MyFLIR application software, MSX and Vivid-IR. 

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