viisights, Inc., a provider of behavioral recognition analytics for real-time video intelligence, has partnered with IoTech Protect, a leading provider of custom digital and physical security, to provide AI-powered behavior recognition video analytics to enhance real-time event recognition and automated reporting. Acting upon system-automated messaging, security personnel can quickly target and respond to potentially dangerous problem situations. IoTech Protect will offer viisights technology as part of its digital/cyber and physical security suite, integrating this technology into the customers IT infrastructure to keep any related video analytics involving internet connections (IoT) secured.

The partnership between IoTech Protect and viisights applies to nearly any business, including securing hospital facilities, municipal infrastructure, transportation, schools and universities, retail malls, sports venues, offices, and warehouses. The AI-powered analytics supplement existing camera infrastructure, and provide alerts in real-time of suspicious behavior of people and vehicles, fighting, presence of weapons, and unauthorized entry, triggering an immediate security response.

“This is the future of video analytics: an understanding of what is currently happening — or more importantly — what is about to happen. This is much more impactful than just extracting the objects that exist in an image,” said Pat Aiello, vice president business development and sales, viisights. “The bottom line is that viisights can extract much more information and insights from video content in real-time than any other company, which results in very significant ROI for end-users.”

IoTech Protect CEO and Founder Nick Jaksa said, “Securing an organization’s premises, people, and data is a very complex IT and physical ecosystem, which requires a high level of experience and proven technologies. We are very enthusiastic to partner with viisights to offer enhanced video streaming and targeted reporting to keep premises safe 24/7.”

IoTech Protect secures all the data collected by internet-enabled cameras, display modules, communication devices, and the company IT infrastructure. Communicating alerts and alarms to security personnel from video cameras also interfaces with the internet. IoTech Protect adds the critical integration layer with our In-Source cyber security platform, to maintain integrity of the video stream and the horizontal connections company-wide.

viisights harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide behavioral recognition video analytics with powerful understanding technology for a myriad of surveillance applications. The innovative solutions identify, classify, and alert system administrators in real-time of abnormal behaviors and events of special interest, including violent events such as fighting or bullying, context-related suspicious activity recognition such as loitering, and crowd detection to detect looting and vandalism. The powerful solution automatically distinguishes innocent behaviors such as dancing and parades from fighting and rioting.

Because of the partnership between IoTech Protect and viisights, customers will receive the best combination of video surveillance technologies with the highest levels of secure cybersecurity protocols.

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