Patriot One Technologies was awarded a contract worth nearly $1 million CAD with Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND), to further develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled full motion video analytics application. This technology will be used to detect, classify and track objects and events of interest, initially for DND applications, and in the future across multiple domains. As a piece of AI-powered intellectual property, Patriot One will leverage the technology across its current and future product portfolio to enhance solutions for customers.

The project, named “RECCE,” is being developed by Xtract AI, the AI innovation and development arm of Patriot One. It will initially be used by the DND and the Canadian Armed Forces to detect, classify and track, as well as geospatially and textually log, objects of interest to improve situational awareness. Xtract AI is scheduled to deliver the solution to DND by March 31, 2022.

“While RECCE will first be used by the Canadian government for specific projects, such as military applications and the detection, identification and tracking of objects of interest or concern, the opportunity space for this type of AI is unlimited,” said Cornell Pich, vice president of strategic partnerships and technology at Patriot One. “This application is yet another example of Patriot One's AI innovations providing flexible solutions to address a set of requirements, that then provides a foundation for broader applications. We’re pleased to again be working with the DND and its Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program to improve the safety of their Armed Forces members while on deployments and look forward to integrating this application into future projects.”

Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One, said, “This advanced object recognition technology can be applied in countless ways, from providing a higher level of safety to people on the streets through video camera systems in specific locations around the world, to integrating it with drone cameras to survey large crowds of people. Imagine the value of very high threat detection and categorization in environments where the people, cameras and other elements are in motion. These types of foundational innovations are a key part of Patriot One’s overall business strategy to integrate advanced AI analytics into our existing and future products and in particular, would be ideally suited for enhanced crowd or threat detection management for large entertainment venues."

The RECCE project is being funded as part of the DND’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program and is sponsored by the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC).