Powered by solar energy, the advanced series 4K solar-powered ColorVu system (model DS-2XS6A87G1-L/C32S80) can be fully deployed without the need for any electrical wiring or network cables. Ideal for remote locations such as construction sites, oil fields, farms, vineyards and rural facilities, this fully integrated solution is engineered to operate in a variety of challenging outdoor environments with up to seven days of continuous operations even in the absence of direct sunlight. The camera is water and dust resistant (IP67) to withstand strong winds and rainstorms, and incorporates a built-in heater for operation in temperatures as low as -4 deg. F. The system incorporates a Hikvision 4K video camera, 80-watt solar panel, replaceable battery pack and mounting bracket. The unit features Hikvision’s ColorVu technology to deliver full color, highly detailed images 24/7. The camera’s built-in second-generation AcuSense technology also allows for the precise detection and classification of humans and vehicles, greatly reducing false alarms.

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