Designed specifically for surveilling remote areas where power and Wi-Fi connectivity are scarce, the all-in-one ColorVu solar powered security camera is ideal for use on oil fields, farms, utility sites, remote infrastructure, as well as for temporary deployments at large scale events, construction sites and more. Equipped with a 4G cellular radio for data transmission, solar panels and a battery for on-board power, and a built-in heater, the new 4 MP surveillance solution (model DS-2XS2T47G0-LDH/4G/C18S40) is completely self-sustaining and carbon neutral. Two-way communication allows operators to address individuals in need of assistance or with bad intentions via live audio, and Hikvision’s exclusive ColorVu technology allows 24/7 surveillance in full color — even in the dark. IP67 water and dust rating protects the package against water and dust ingress, and its construction is designed to withstand a Category 12 typhoon. The new remote surveillance solution also features robust security with password protection, HTTPS encryption, IP address filter, security audit log, basic and digest authentication for HTTP/HTTPS, TLS 1.1/1.2, WSSE and digest authentication for Open Network Video Interface.

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