The ABLOY keyless access controller allows businesses to upgrade their doors to be keyless, making most electric locks and other electronic door locking devices work with a digital key on a mobile app instead of a physical credential. The controller works not only with ABLOY products but also with hardware of any brand using compatible wiring. The controller is an ideal solution that conceals the locking mechanism and manages access without a physical key. Relying on continuous power, this small device is optimally installed inside a cabinet or behind a door and is therefore difficult to manipulate from the outside. The controller is operated with the ABLOY mobile app on the user’s mobile phone over a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. The device is compatible with numerous electric lock types, such as electromechanical, electric, magnetic, motor and cabinet locks but also with alarm systems, door strikes, latches, actuators as well as automatic or manual garage, sliding and roll-up doors, gates and lifts. Relying on a continuous power supply, the compact controller is designed to be installed inside a cabinet or behind a door.

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