Dahua Technology’s Night Color 2.0 Fusion camera is a 4MP camera that has dual-lens technology, providing full-color images in poorly lit scenes. Night Color Fusion technology is ideal for low-light applications in which both covert security and full-color images are needed. For interiors, this can include theaters and bars—environments that need dim lighting for technical reasons or ambiance. For exteriors, this can mean areas without high ambient light at night and areas where white light illuminators are undesirable. The camera offers the benefit of less insect attraction as well. Other features are ultra wide dynamic range, triple-stream encoding, an IP67 rating and ePoE. The camera has Analytics+ functions at the edge, performing complex real-time perimeter protection security, smart motion detection, and more. Dahua’s Analytics+ algorithms significantly improve accuracy and reliability. The Night Color 2.0 Fusion Cameras are designed to improve quality for security operators, from analytics that help them make better-informed decisions to advanced imaging and sensor technology. 

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