Dahua Technology’s 2x4MP multi-sensor ePoE camera series is designed to offer improved classification of their night color low-light technology. The company classifies night color technology into three groups. First, basic night color features VU-MORE cameras as a cost-effective offering. Integrated white-light LEDs illuminate when human motion is detected and the camera reverts to IR for covertness in dark scenarios. Second, enhanced night color offers integrated white-light LEDs for continuous illumination when the scene gets dark. The LEDs act as a deterrence until lighting is restored. Last, night color+ features Fusion cameras as the top tier offering with the best covert performance in near-dark scenarios without any white light LEDs. Also, the company’s enhanced night color 180-deg. panoramic camera series (DH-IPC-PFW5849-A180-E2-ASTE and DH-IPC-PDW5849-A180-E2-ASTE) are equipped with dual 4MP sensors that deliver a single panoramic image without blind spots approximately three times greater than the light intake of a typical F1.6 aperture. Additional notable features include two-way talk with a verbal alarm warning. There are 10 pre-recorded verbal warnings, and users can upload their own audio warning. With the electronic PTZ capability, the camera automatically tracks the target on the sub images while showing the full 180-deg. field-of-view on the same stream.

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