Cypress Integration Solutions of Lapeer, Mich., announces the release of the OSDP Hub Test Tool (OSM-HUB).

For integrators, manufacturers, and developers in testing environments, where OSDP devices are repeatedly connected and disconnected, the Hub streamlines the testing process. OSDP devices are connected to pluggable terminal blocks and simply plugged into ports on the Hub, instead of being wired together with a busbar, large terminal blocks, or wire nuts.

“The Hub is something our engineering team uses every day,” said Jacob LeRoy, Cypress customer support specialist. “They consider the Hub one of the most useful tools that we have for experimenting with OSDP devices, due to its simplicity and versatility.”

The Hub can provide power to each connected OSDP device. Each of the Hub’s seven ports have switches, to turn connected devices on or off, change the polarity of the OSDP data lines, or disconnect them from the bus.

More ports can be added by plugging in an additional Hub through an expansion port.

The OSM-HUB is recommended when testing OSDP systems before field deployment, as well as for internal testing.

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