ZeroEyes, providers of an A.I.-based video analytics platform that holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, today announced a partnership with Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG), provider of indoor and tactical mapping solutions for public safety. CRG’s enhanced school building and grounds mapping technology will be integrated into ZeroEyes’ platform to deliver critical intelligence to first responders in an active shooter crisis.

CRG’s Collaborative Response Graphics combines a gridded overlay with critical incident mapping data such as high-resolution imagery, floor plans and building access points, along with exterior parking areas, athletic fields, surrounding roads and neighboring properties together into one map.  These graphics help prepare first responders for more effective command and control between diverse agencies and disciplines when responding to unfamiliar buildings and campuses.  First responders use these detailed building and grounds maps to coordinate emergency response within and around a school, labeling hallways, rooms, external door/stairwell numbers, inner and outer security perimeters, ambulance staging areas, and command posts in the event of a crisis.

ZeroEyes’ A.I. gun detection technology integrates with a school’s existing security cameras to detect visibly brandished guns as soon as a weapon is in the frame. The company’s 24/7/365 monitoring center verifies the accuracy of every detection and alerts first responders within 3 to 5 seconds after a threat is verified. ZeroEyes’ monitoring personnel gives the exact location of the threat outside or inside the school via real-time alerts and images based on the geolocation of the latest detection.

ZeroEyes’ and CRG’s solutions combine to provide accurate, real-time intelligence to first responders on the location of an active shooter threat to aid in response planning and execution. 

“Critical Response Group offers a highly respected, best-in-class mapping solution for schools across the country,” said Dustin Kisling, SVP of strategy at ZeroEyes. “By coupling it with ZeroEyes’ industry-leading A.I. gun detection solution, we are creating a very powerful solution to help protect schools during active shooter crises.”

Mike Rogers, CEO of CRG, said, “CRG’s partnership with ZeroEyes means that schools will be safer places for our children, teachers, and communities. What’s more, both of our companies share a common lineage — we were both founded by former special operations veterans with a goal of making America safer.” 

ZeroEyes’ A.I. gun detection software is currently used in schools, businesses, and government facilities across 26 states. CRG’s mapping capabilities are relied upon by thousands of building owners and public safety agencies across the country.

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