Maxxess Systems, a provider of event response management and collaboration systems, has partnered with SmartPTT by Elcomplus, a communications radio technology company, to deliver an integration with Motorola digital radios that will improve response times to critical events. This SmartPTT integration with Maxxess InSite allows InSite to automatically communicate over Motorola digital radios in the event of an emergency, speeding information dissemination and saving time for first responders and security personnel.

“Maxxess is dedicated to improving the response to any emergency,” said Nancy Islas, president of Maxxess Systems. “This new integration expands our current capabilities, and will save the first responders precious time.”

The SmartPTT integration adds new capabilities to the InSite Ultimate Lockdown software. InSite currently offers extensions to a range of related systems, including radios, door locks, PA systems, alert strobes and signage — all of which are used to ensure appropriate response actions, including information dissemination and automated triggers for door locks.

With the SmartPTT integration, when someone triggers a mobile panic alert from the InSite mobile app, the SmartPTT software triggers the Motorola Digital Radios to annunciate that a panic alert has been triggered, including the location and identity of the person who triggered it.

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