Dahua Technology has opened a facility in Ontario, Canada, that includes a 12,600-square-foot warehouse and a customer service center that provides bilingual tech support. The facility expands the company’s existing warehouse footprint in North America. 

The new facility will support operations with expanded tech support services and inventory stored in Canada to accommodate customers. 

Tim Wang, president and CEO of Dahua Technology Canada, spoke to the significance of inventory local to Canada. “Our new Ontario facility reflects our commitment to our Canadian distributors and dealers, especially with all the supply chain challenges currently faced across the industry,” he said. “From a logistics standpoint, the facility drastically shortens the lead time for customers in Canada. Around 65% of our Canadian orders are shipped to Ontario, and now we’ll be able to keep stock closer to those customers and eliminate the time previously needed to cross the border.” 

This means Canadian shipments will be coming from within the country, without the two-day customs clearance procedure, high transportation costs and hassle of paperwork, according to the announcement. 

The customer service center is a strategic complement to Dahua Technology North America’s existing tech support operations. Operating from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT, the center will provide support in English and French. 

“Our team in Canada is made up of tenured, technical talent that is skilled in networking and can deliver in-depth troubleshooting for Dahua hardware and software,” stated Steven Mei, product solution director at Dahua Technology Canada. 

“Our new warehouse and tech support teams strengthen our presence in Canada, which already includes sales managers and technical consultants in every territory,” added Wang. “We hope to build stronger ties to our Canadian dealers and distributors by meeting their needs closer to home.”