viisights Inc., developer of behavioral recognition systems for real-time video intelligence, and Qognify, provider of advanced video management solutions (VMS), have partnered to offer an integrated solution that automates event detection and analysis and increases situational awareness by employing artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously detect, analyze and understand situations and events as they are unfolding. 

“viisights is pleased to partner with Qognify, a recognized industry leader in VMS technology,” said Pat Aiello, VP business development & sales, North America, viisights. “The integration of viisights’ intelligent behavioral analytics with Qognify’s video management solutions Qognify VMS and Ocularis provides users with a cost-effective and powerful integrated solution that dramatically increases security and safety, while effectively minimizing risk and liabilities.” 

Jeremy Howard, vice president of sales, physical security – Americas at Qognify said, “We see an increasing need for fully integrated physical security solutions that enable organizations to detect critical events in real time — in order to be able to respond quickly and to minimize their impact. viisights’ innovative behavioral analytics add a new layer of intelligence and predictive analysis to the Qognify VMS and Ocularis platforms, thus creating substantial added value especially for vertical markets such as public transport, higher education, smart and safe cities, and corporate campus environments.” 

Viisights’ behavioral analytics leverage advances in imaging technology to provide actionable intelligence to minimize liabilities and prevent incidents from escalating. Unlike conventional video analytics that use pixel technology to recognize static objects and classify objects, viisights’ behavioral analytics employ AI to autonomously detect, analyze and understand actions and events. This level of video understanding is based on a unique implementation of deep neural networks capable of analyzing and defining specific activities using video streams from conventional security cameras. 

Qognify's video management solutions are designed to help enterprise organizations minimize the impact of incidents. This is made possible by an open-platform approach with powerful driver-based interfaces that enable bi-directional interaction with third-party systems such as access control or video analysis. These advances eliminate the need to switch between different systems and applications, creating an improved situational understanding and speeding up the response while maintaining focus on the developing scene. 

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