Napco Security Technologies Inc. announced the new FireLink XL 255 255-point addressable cellular FACP is now in stock at Napco distributors nationwide.  Its all-in-one design was created to save fire dealers both labor and equipment; it has up to 255 addressable points, with a built-in cell/IP communicator, powered by StarLink and on-door LCD touchpad. Featuring cloud programming from any smart device, FireLink XL255 starts out at 128 points, expandable to 255 with one module; plus it features a robust 7A/24V power supply.  Fire dealers quickly adopted the FireLink FACP systems because they are already familiar with leading StarLink Fire cellular communications, or recognized savings using the original FireLink FACP 32, preprogrammed for up to 32 zones of conventional water flow. The XL255 adds more capability, addressable device support and cloud programming, especially key in today’s more acute labor shortage. FireLink cellular FACPs are powered by StarLink Cellular, so the StarLink Pro Incentive credit is also applicable for even more equipment savings.

 Napco is also offering free classes to help introduce and train more fire alarm and security dealers and technicians on Napco’s growing line of commercial fire system solutions. Options include online or live offerings, including lunch-and-learns at many Napco distributor locations. For more information, visit