Monitoreal, a global provider of intelligent home and commercial security surveillance systems, has announced its integration with popular intruder alarm system Ajax.

This pairing allows users to create an accurate video detection perimeter around their property that proactively deters intruders and monitors security events in real time. Monitoreal’s AI-based object detection can be armed and disarmed in tandem with the Ajax alarm via the alarm’s panel and mobile app.

Users can trigger Ajax intruder alarm zones based on Monitoreal’s detection of people, animals, vehicles, inanimate objects or a combination of these, in specified areas captured by connected security cameras, at particular times of the day or night. This helps avoid the false alarms that often result from irrelevant movement such as rustling trees, moving shadows, pets and other objects.

Conversely, alarms originating from motion or magnetic sensors connected to the Ajax panel can trigger cameras to deliver Monitoreal snapshots to users, verifying the validity of those alarms.

Monitoreal’s customizable rules allow users to control whether an Ajax alarm is triggered automatically, semi-automatically or manually based on particular detections. They also let home and business owners define the specific areas of their perimeter that are of greatest interest, and exclude insignificant zones such as neighboring properties, bushy areas, and busy roads.

Monitoreal detects more than just humans. Identifications include more than 20 items such as vehicles, animals and a variety of inanimate objects, giving viewers the ability to proactively take action to deter intruders with the Ajax alarm, open or close perimeter gates, and control smart light and sound accessories based on real-time alerts.

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