Monitoreal, a global provider of intelligent home and commercial security surveillance systems, has announced its integration with Sentinel, a professional central monitoring software application from Monitor Computer Systems. This partnership brings a host of benefits for Monitoreal customers and Sentinel users.

Thanks to  Monitoreal's AI-based object detection technology, connected monitoring stations will receive real-time notifications of any unusual activity on the premises they monitor, allowing for prompt response. The integration also includes Monitoreal's Image Signals, providing visual validation of triggered motion alarms, streamlining the process of monitoring multiple properties and boosting the success rate of security event prevention.

The direct communication between Monitoreal and Sentinel eliminates the need for intermediate cloud communication, resulting in fast response times and eliminating the risk of downtimes due to cloud outages. It also minimizes exposure to potential cyber threats, as all video processing is conducted locally, on premise.

This protects the privacy of the monitoring companies' customers and facilitates straightforward compliance with GDPR regulations.

Moreover, the integration makes it easier to provide effective, customizable proactive perimeter protection compared to traditional security monitoring solutions based on motion detection. Companies using Sentinel to handle alarm signals can expand their product offerings by adding Monitoreal's visual proactive detection services to their portfolio, regardless of the camera brands they already carry. Monitoreal's ability to detect 21+ object classifications and countless customizable rules makes it a far superior solution compared to more conventional solutions that only detect humans and vehicles.

“We’re thrilled to announce our latest technical integration with Sentinel, which significantly enhances the proactive security that regional monitoring stations can offer their residential and commercial customers,” said Aydar Yakupov, managing director of Monitoreal. “We believe that this integration will provide dependable preventive security and peace of mind to countless property owners in the region.”

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