Eagle Eye Networks, provider of cloud video surveillance, announced a technical integration with Advancis that combines cloud video surveillance with the Advancis PSIM+ (physical security information management) platform to deliver integrated cloud video surveillance at the behest of global enterprise customers. Designed for control rooms and security operations centers, the Eagle Eye-Advancis integration delivers a single unified interface for interactive monitoring and event-and-alert management.  

The Advancis PSIM+ combined with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS delivers cloud video for use-case specific security solutions at large enterprise scale. Customers are taking advantage of Eagle Eye’s AI and advanced analytics to automate detection of problems, reduce operator needs, and improve security — all within the Advancis PSIM+.

The Advancis flagship PSIM+ platform, WinGuard, offers comprehensive integration of an entire building and higher-tier mission control systems. 

“Eagle Eye Networks enterprise customers have complex and changing business and security needs,” said Dean Drako, founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Our open API allows a seamless integration with Advancis WinGuard, offering a great solution to customers with large-scale operations. Eagle Eye’s global reach and comprehensive camera compatibility delivers what these customers need for full deployment.”

The Advancis WinGuard platform is open software with APIs that deliver fully redundant, hot-standby multi-tenant solutions for both SaaS and on-prem environments, including integrated security, building automation, IT and communication systems. The WinGuard platform is scalable from a single workstation system to a global operations center solution. 

“The Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS integration for WinGuard provides joint customers with a secure, scalable and easy to use platform for viewing, managing, and storing their video surveillance footage,” said Jan Meiswinkel, co-founder and CEO of Advancis. “The integration allows customers to leverage the powerful cloud-based video management system to get the most out of their WinGuard system. Customers can now easily deploy and manage their video surveillance across multiple locations, while benefiting from the advanced analytics capabilities that the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS offers.”

For more information, visit een.com.