The Ceco Door EMI-RFI shielding assembly reduces the possibility of electronic interference by blocking unwanted electromagnetic waves from interfering with other circuits or devices in healthcare, commercial or government applications. Ceco Door EMI-RFI shielding solutions help ensure sensitive and confidential information is secure and contained. The shielding assemblies are designed to provide EMI-RFI shielding of up to 103 db at 9 kHz-18 GHz per IEEE Std 299-2006. All EMI-RFI shielded assemblies are third party tested and verified. Conductive perimeter seals, shielding materials and Pemko threshold are included with each assembly. Standard options include: up to STC 50 construction with SCIF compliance; 16, 14, or 12 gauge 304 or 316 stainless steel doors and welded frames; all stainless finishes available; standard or heavy weight hinges; and standard frame anchors. Additionally, the solutions include sound ratings, SCIF compliance, bullet ratings, blast ratings and more.

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