Qognify, part of Hexagon, and Johnson Controls Security Products, a unified group of access control, video, location-based security and intrusion brands, have announced an integration between Qognify VMS and Kantech EntraPass.

The integration of both software products enables users to better understand situations based on the synchronization of event and video data, allowing a faster and more targeted response to event-based scenarios. For instance, “forced door,” “door held open” and “clearance” alarms from EntraPass can be displayed as events within Qognify VMS, synchronized to the associated video recording. Furthermore, these same types of system events can be visualized on maps and floor plans to enable a better situational understanding as well as to initiate door actions such as “unlock” or “lock” from the VMS map view.

Jeremy Howard, vice president physical security sales – Americas at Qognify, said, “Qognify has a large install base of video platforms where the JCI Kantech EntraPass is part of the overall security ecosystem. The integration turns Qognify VMS into a single pane of glass for video and EntraPass access control, allowing users to visualize and respond to common events in one single UI — without the need to implement a complex and costly PSIM solution. This allows organizations that manage for example retail stores or office buildings to improve the response to any physical security threat while keeping the total costs for their security systems reasonably low.”

Jeff Tousignant, integrations product manager at Johnson Controls Security Products, said, “The integration of EntraPass with Qognify VMS increases operational efficiencies by ensuring that operators are presented with all relevant information in one user interface. This helps to save time and facilitate decisions — when every second counts.

For more information, visit: hexagon.com and johnsoncontrols.com.