From AI, to cloud-based services to cybersecurity and the changing needs of hybrid work environments, here are what some of the top security integrators in the country experienced in their businesses in 2022 and expect to see in 2023, according to this year’s SDM Top Systems Integrators and SDM 100 report survey responses:

Minuteman Security & Life Safety   — The security systems market is expected to continue growing in the coming years, driven by factors such as increasing urbanization, rising crime rates, and growing demand for advanced security systems. The adoption of cloud-based security systems, the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices to control security systems are also expected to contribute to the growth of the market. The commercial sector, including offices, retail stores, and banks, is also expected to drive the growth of the market, as businesses invest in advanced security systems to protect their assets and employees. …  Overall, the market for security systems sales and integrated systems projects is expected to remain strong in the coming years, and companies in this sector are likely to continue investing in R&D to stay competitive and meet the growing demand for advanced security solutions. … With the increasing use of connected devices and IoT technologies, cybersecurity threats will continue to be a major concern. As such, businesses will need to invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect their networks and data from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Tech Systems Inc. — While the economy continues to struggle, TSI has been able to adapt to the changing conditions and find new ways to create revenue and RMR through service programs and managed services. Cybersecurity, IOT, and cloud adoption will have the greatest impact on our business in 2023. 

IP Systems Inc. — The IoT is integral.  The perception that everything should connect and be monitored, reporting is strong.  We are seeking to capitalize on this.  Further, there is a perception that crime is prevalent.  This adds fuel to the fire in terms of security investment. Customers want better access to their data, and clearer and clearer imagery. Camera systems that offer this are highly desirable. Facial and other types of recognition software are intriguing to many making security decisions.

Convergint — Convergint will continue to see growth in 2023 as the need for mobile-driven, fully integrated, and AI-powered security systems increases. To combat rising threats — including ransomware and critical infrastructure attacks — customers across verticals are increasingly looking to streamline how they manage systems and access and crucial data. With this, Convergint is committed to working with both customers and partners to offer the most unified and digitally-forward security systems while maintaining exceptional service.

Sound Inc. — The market continues to grow as people shift resources and real estate. Using technology to monitor and secure their facilities is more important and using AI proactively in lieu of reacting to situations is on the rise.   

The Cook and Boardman Security Integration Division — Employees returning to the office post-pandemic have fueled an increased demand on landlords and building owners to secure their facilities at a further level. Tenants and employees now require a safe, secure and healthy environment and we believe this will cause security solutions and their integration to evolve at an higher and faster level than pre-pandemic. 

CTCI —As business continue to “return to the office,” upgrade needs are becoming apparent, and businesses downsizing offices will need new buildouts in their more “economical” locations. Remote access to systems is more and more important (still), opening up more RMR potential. The “old guard” is retiring — making cloud, AI, and newer technologies more likely to be on the table when planning new installs (leading to RMR!).