2N added adaptive face zooming to its video intercoms. Adaptive face zooming enables homeowners and users in commercial buildings to identify visitors more clearly. Adaptive face zooming is based on the camera in the intercom detecting the face in the frame and zooming in so that the user can identify their visitor on the answering unit or smartphone. While wide-angle cameras give a perfect overview of the whole entrance, the visitor can occupy a relatively small space in the frame, making the face difficult to recognize. When two people are in the frame, the video intercom adapts its field of view and automatically focuses on both visitors. If more people enter, the video intercom zooms out to focus all of the visitors in the frame — or back in if any visitors walk away. If users need to zoom in even further — perhaps to confirm the details on an ID badge — there is also the pinch-to-zoom function, allowing them to zoom in even further. Adaptive face zooming is available on the 2N IP Style, the company’s flagship video intercom. The 2N IP Style’s 5MPx camera’s incorporation of WDR ensures full image quality and identification of the visitor, even in darkness or uneven lighting conditions outside. It also works on all of 2N’s answering units and on smartphones via the My2N app. Adaptive face zooming is not facial recognition technology — it only detects faces; it does not save them.

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