Pedestal PRO, manufacturer of access control pedestals, has introduced a turnkey emergency call station designed for Axis 2N video and audio-over-IP solutions. The units incorporate 2N IP Safety or 2N IP Force intercom systems and AXIS F1035-E pinhole cameras connected to an AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit with an array of emergency station technologies, including programmable LED lighting, strobes and mounting options for third-party speakers, horns, solar panels, wide-angle day/night Axis surveillance cameras, and other equipment to meet A&E specifications. They provide seamless integration within Axis’s technology ecosystem. 

The emergency call stations are ideal for education, healthcare and corporate campuses, stadiums, theme parks, government and municipalities, parks and trail systems, and any venue where the public may need to summon security or medical assistance quickly.

The call stations are available in two form factors: free-standing towers and wall-mounted units. Pedestal PRO provides free CAD services to customize each unit’s height, colors and lettering. Vinyl graphic wraps accommodate branding with team logos or corporate identities unique to each customer. No minimum quantity is required for fabrication. Units ship within 12-15 business days via UPS Ground, FedEx, or LTL. “Fast Track” timing is available at an additional charge. 

The units are weatherproof and durable, capable of withstanding Category 4 hurricane winds, yet engineered for maneuverability and ease of installation. Pre-fabricated “Fast Foundations” minimize time spent on the job site, including an option that eliminates the need for pouring cement. A single worker can install either model, thanks to lightweight, aluminum construction. Reduced labor and minimal long-term maintenance contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

"Customers loyal to Axis’ 2N solutions seek the same quality and consistency extended to their emergency call stations,” said Pike Goss, CEO of Pedestal PRO. “Pedestal PRO's turnkey hardware platform is specifically built for Axis’ 2N video intercom systems while offering an elegant alternative to industrial-looking hardware facades," "These units not only enhance security with best-in-class technology; they add to the property's visual aesthetic. For integrators, they offer a means to circumvent the shortcomings of typical emergency call station platforms, like limited customization options, long lead times, and labor-intensive installation."

Dom Albano, program manager – intercoms, Axis Communications Inc., said, "The Pedestal PRO customizable call stations have been well received by integrators and end customers. They fill a need in the market where there have been requests. The emergency towers and wall mounts offer solutions to house our Axis cameras and 2N intercoms for safety and medical assistance in a variety of segments." 

A demonstration model will be on display at ISC West, March 29-31 in Las Vegas, Axis Booth #14051.  Models are also on display at the Axis Experience Centers (AEC) in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. Demo units will ship to 12 additional AEC locations across North America in early 2023. 

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