Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc., a provider of AI-driven security and productivity solutions, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices Inc. (RAD), announced that it is now accepting orders for RADDOG 2LE, the robot dog purpose-built for law enforcement agencies.

“RADDOG 2LE is another innovative RAD solution providing an option to enhance the effectiveness law enforcement personnel,” said Michael Potter, Apex 3 Systems president. “Apex3 team is excited to share the RADDOG solution with our law enforcement connections.”

RADDOG marks an evolution of quadruped robotics positioned to improve the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and enable them to apply practical robotics for a variety of tasks. With its quadruped (four-legged) design and external accessories, RADDOG empowers officers to conquer challenging terrain, reach inaccessible areas and navigate through dangerous environments.

Troy McCanna, RAD’s chief security officer and a former FBI Agent with extensive experience as a multi-jurisdictional task force coordinator/supervisor, expressed his appreciation for RADDOG’s capabilities. McCanna said, “Throughout my tenure with the FBI, I often wished for a solution like RADDOG, which would have offered invaluable foresight into the operational environment before deploying my fellow partners into potentially dangerous situations. I can only imagine the tremendous situational awareness benefits that RADDOG would have provided.”

Driven by RAD’s RADPack LE, this quadruped features RADSoC, the on-board visual analytics and video management system included with all of RAD’s AI-powered solutions. RADPack on RADDOG offers unique features, specifically including an interactive touch screen located at the front of the quadruped. This interface facilitates high-definition video communication between remote law enforcement officers and individuals within the robot’s vicinity. Complemented by integrated microphones, powerful audio speakers, programmable alert lighting and front headlights, RADDOG possesses an array of capabilities to effectively engage with, and capture the attention of those it may confront.

“It’s exciting to see RAD, and security technology in general, continue to improve and make strides,” said Evan Nardone, chief technology officer, St. Moritz Security Services. “The addition of RADDOG will provide new opportunities for robotics applications in the real world. And that is what will drive change.”

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