Footprint, a web-based situational awareness software, aggregates, analyzes and monitors data from multiple video monitoring systems and other sensors in one intuitive platform. The tool enables law enforcement’s ability to solve cases quicker using data-driven decisions, while minimizing manpower and driving down costs as a result.

Copp Integrated Systems, a Dayton, Ohio-based security systems supplier, is one of the licensees of Footprint and introduced the product to the global market. Bill DeFries, CEO of Copp Integrated Systems, says Footprint is a game changer for law enforcement agencies of any size.

“For the first time, law enforcement has total situational awareness,” DeFries said. “Footprint provides a 21st-century crime data and video analytics infrastructure that is easily deployed and visually useful. By leveraging crime data and using predictive analysis, Footprint users can deploy resources more efficiently, catch criminals faster and deter and prevent crimes before they happen.”

Developed in partnership with the University of Dayton Research Institute’s (UDRI) Software Systems Group, Footprint helps ensure the highest level of public safety.

“Footprint is a force multiplier,” DeFries said. “It brings together any number of disparate data sources, including public and private video, CAD 911, RMS and arrest records, and visualizes it all on ESRI heat maps. Because Footprint can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices, it allows law enforcement officers to rapidly gather critical information at the scene of a crime.”

Footprint combines several industry-leading technologies into a single operating platform. In partnership with video management solutions provider, Milestone Systems, Footprint provides a seamless video analysis experience. Footprint’s extensive video content analytics capabilities are provided by BriefCam, which enables users to review hours of video surveillance footage in minutes and rapidly search and identify people or objects of interest.

“BriefCam takes raw video content and transforms it into actionable data that is searchable, actionable and quantifiable,” said Stephanie Weagle, chief marketing officer at BriefCam. “Video surveillance footage has never been more valuable with the ability to efficiently and effectively review and analyze its content to accelerate investigations, attain situational awareness and derive operational intelligence.”

One law enforcement agency that has deployed Footprint is the Walton County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) in Defuniak Springs, Fla. Dave Markham, president of Copp Integrated Systems, has been working with closely with WSCO on the implementation of the crime-fighting software.

With Footprint tightly integrated with both Milestone and BriefCam, WCSO can now work closer with their local community in a private-public partnership analyzing video crime data from both WCSO cameras as well as independent owners’ video feeds.”

While Footprint was initially developed with law enforcement in mind, the technology can also be adapted for other environments, DeFries said. “Beyond law enforcement, Footprint could be used to deliver a higher level of situational awareness and public safety in any populated environment such as hospitals, airports, arenas, stadiums, office or school campuses and military bases.”

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