Gallagher Security announced the appointment of Jake Franklin as technical business development manager for the Mid-Atlantic region. With nearly 14 years of industry experience, Franklin brings a deep familiarity with the Mid-Atlantic having previously served as regional sales manager for Suprema Inc.

“I’ve met with a lot of security professionals in the region over my career and I have a sense of where this market is headed,” Franklin said. “And from what I've heard in those conversations, I believe that Gallagher is the breath of fresh air many businesses are looking for."

Franklin believes that Command Centre’s compatibility with a growing list of technology partners gives Gallagher that freshness and edge to deliver the security integrations businesses in the region are craving. “Integrations are the name of the game,” he said, “and I see a big part of my role as showing everyone how Gallagher does things differently and gives businesses the options they need to create security their way.”

Beyond working with innovative technologies, Franklin said he’s most excited about joining the culture of partnership and support Gallagher has curated. "That’s the biggest plus for me. In my first week, I was working with a very large, important regional channel partner, and hearing the way they spoke about the support they continually receive from Gallagher was astounding. They really feel like Gallagher is there for them and their end users — it’s a completely different approach to working with a manufacturer than I’ve ever experienced.”

Luis Colon, director of sales for the U.S. East and Latin America, sees Franklin as not only fitting into that culture, but as helping the team strengthen it across the region. “We’re extremely team orientated at Gallagher,” Colon said. “Jake’s enthusiasm and technical knowledge are going to bring our channel partners and customers in the Mid-Atlantic a ton of value, and we can’t wait to see him dig into the role and share the power of Orange.”

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