NAPCO Security Technologies has rebranded its Continental Access Group, now known as Napco Access Pro, alongside the launch of a new dealer program. Aaron Black, vice president of sales, Napco Access Pro, said the Napco Access Pro Dealer Program is designed and well suited for SMB dealers to enterprise level integrators.

“Rebranding and starting a new dealer program is something to be proud of,” Black said. “It shows that NAPCO is always evolving and looking to enhance its solutions, products and services.”

Black continued, “Additionally, starting a new dealer program is aimed at creating a better value for the dealer. We want to give dealers a brand name they can be proud of and promote, plus receive incentives and special options as a direct dealer. One of those values is our rebate program incentive. Our goal is to help Napco Access Pro dealers grow and sell better solutions to their customers.”

There are three levels — Silver, Gold and Diamond — to accommodate dealers and integrators and cater to their individual markets. Napco Access Pro will have five key solutions to offer dealers:

  • Enterprise solutions: Continental panels/CA4K software.
  • SMB embedded/browser-based access: Pro E-Access panels.
  • SMB cell/cloud-hosted: Air Access.
  • Wireless access control locking.
  • Pro video solutions, readers and credentials.

“The New Napco Access Pro Dealer Program will benefit our dealers in multiple ways and bring value to all, from pricing, rebates, field service, protected markets, and more,” Black said. “Plus, the program should be attractive to those dealers that want to differentiate themselves from competitors.”

Depending on the dealer's level, the dealer program will offer — in addition to the products themselves — 50 percent off of demo equipment, beta testing of products and custom branding for those products. NAPCO will also offer sales support by way of dedicated account field management, strategic placement in protected territories, periodic dealer forums, annual dealer events and awards, and more.

“As a dealer, you will be able to get exclusive products that others would not be able to get,” Black said. “If a dealer is looking for that exclusivity, a reliable product, with a dedicated team to help them grow, this dealer program is for you.”

NAPCO’s dealer plan also includes varying levels of marketing support in the form of an online image library for print and web, target leads, and a welcome kit and certificate. As for technical support, the program includes NAPCO’s headquarters-based technical support staff, a tech support hotline, an eNewsletter with updates and tips, and a FAQ video channel. Finally, NAPCO offers myriad education and training resources. These include: online and field training, modular certification classes, free periodic online intro classes, discounted annual training certifications and training equipment discounts.

“It will be a fresh start for them,” Black said. “To acclimate our current dealers that meet program requirements, they will be given six months to adjust to the new program and our team will be working closely with them to help achieve their goals.”

Black continued, “The team here at Napco Access Pro is dedicated, excited and ready to grow. It’s a pleasure to have a well-established, seasoned team of professionals ready to grow our current dealers and add new dealers to markets that are open. I would encourage any dealer to reach out to us and find out how we can help your company.” — By Christopher Crumley, SDM Staff Editor

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