Salient Vaidio AI video analytics delivers a powerful suite of people, vehicle, facial and object analytics that work with any camera or video source and integrates into CompleteView. This offering addresses both real-time and forensic needs. Security operators can benefit from real-time alerts and notifications, which are delivered directly into the Live and Alarm View modules in CompleteView. Investigators can benefit from improved search and can either step through analytic alarm events in CompleteView or dive directly into the Vaidio AI experience for advanced analytic search using a CompleteView Web View. The solution will be available as an add-on purchase, can integrate with new or existing systems, and can be run on a Salient provided appliance or customer-provided hardware. It is a simple and straightforward way to drive more operational efficiency with Salient’s CompleteView VMS. Scalable from a handful to thousands of cameras, it is the perfect choice for organizations who are just starting to deploy video analytics, are expanding their use of video analytics or want to leverage existing investments in IP cameras, NVRs or other recording systems.

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