Otay-Tijuana Venture LLC, a U.S.-Mexican group of companies operating Tijuana International Airport’s Cross Border Xpress (CBX), has chosen SAFR from RealNetworks’ video analytics technology to be used throughout the San Diego - Tijuana terminal in order to optimize operations and improve passenger flow. 

The first building to connect the United States to a foreign airport terminal, CBX serves millions of passengers that cross the border as part of their trip, helping them avoid unforeseen delays in the congested border crossings of San Ysidro and Otay. 

“We are very satisfied with the performance, specific dashboards and team support that SAFR offers, providing the necessary insights that are required to run such an important operation like CBX,” said Julio Armentariz, CTO of CBX.  

The 390-ft. bridge is a hub for many daily situations where technology, process and people work together to create a safe and efficient passenger experience. AI video analytics technology ensures CBX staff have actionable data at their fingertips as they monitor passenger flows and make real-time decisions.

“We are extremely proud to help CBX in their day-to-day operations, contributing to more efficiency and quality of journey for the thousands of passengers that frequent the terminal every day,” said Jose Larrucea, RealNetworks senior vice president of international sales.

SAFR has recently added additional features specifically designed to help customers respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic, including mask detection and occupancy counting. CBX has applied the mask detection feature to passenger flow monitoring to better track mask compliance and gather critical operations data. 

"We see optimal potential in RealNetworks’ technology and we are looking into expanding its use in other areas within CBX in order to increase operational efficiency," Armentariz said.