Pro-Vigil, a provider of remote video monitoring, management and deterrence solutions, announced that its surveillance operations center (SOC) has been certified by UL Solutions (UL). 

UL is well known for its testing of electrical products, but the organization also does testing of facilities like the Pro-Vigil SOC to ensure they meet all applicable safety, security and redundancy standards. 

“Getting the UL certification tells our customers that our SOC meets the highest safety, security and reliability standards," said Pro-Vigil Founder Jeremy White. “Our customers trust us with their security, and with this certification, they can be confident that their video monitoring won't be disrupted by problems at our facility.” 

Located less than four miles from Pro-Vigil’s corporate headquarters in San Antonio, the SOC houses several internal teams including the company’s 24/7 monitoring operation, which serves as the backbone for its smart video surveillance solutions that deter crimes on customer sites. The SOC also includes monitoring spaces, training and conference rooms spread across 13,541 square feet. More than 100 of Pro-Vigil’s roughly 1,000 global employees work out of the facility. 

When Pro-Vigil’s artificial intelligence (AI)-backed surveillance detects suspicious behavior on customer sites (e.g. someone hopping a fence at night), that event is reviewed by a member of the monitoring team in the SOC. That monitoring operator then decides if the activity is a threat and can deploy audio and visual deterrents, like strobe lights and pre-recorded announcements, to scare off would-be thieves and vandals. Operators can also contact the authorities when necessary. 

“Our SOC is a big investment in our remote video monitoring team, designed to make their jobs easier and more efficient,” said White. “Every second counts with surveillance, so we've created a layout and added tools to facilitate making decisions and handling information. Now, with the UL certification, both our team and our customers can be confident that Pro-Vigil is meeting the highest industry standards.”