ReconaSense, provider of risk-based security management, announced the strategic alliance and collaboration with Garrett, a global provider of advanced metal detection products for security, sport and countermine applications worldwide. Together, ReconaSense and Garrett have developed a risk-based integration between a physical access control system and a walk-through metal detection system.

The Risk-Adaptive Metal Detection Solution, a part of ReconaSense' suite of "Risk-Adaptive Integrations," is designed to improve security outcomes for law enforcement facilities, critical infrastructure sites, mass transit centers, distribution centers, educational campuses and other high-risk environments — all without increasing security budgets or labor requirements. These types of environments have the highest screening security requirements, but now demand the ability to create intelligent exceptions and tailored sensitivities. This allows facilities to more properly secure ‘Good Guy with a Gun’ applications across various types of operation.

This unique partnership between ReconaSense and Garrett represents a paradigm shift in physical security integrations. Unlike traditional approaches, these risk-based integrations enable real-time, bi-directional communication and configuration between physical access control systems and walk-through metal detection systems. This means ReconaSense can dynamically adjust access permissions based on authorized or unauthorized metal detection. At the same time, Garrett can adapt screening sensitivity based on an individual cardholder's access levels and certification levels.

Key Features of ReconaSense and Garrett Partnership:

  • Risk-based Access Permissions: Empower administrators to define automatic adjustments to door modes and authentication requirements based on real-time risk levels.
  • Risk-based Screening Permissions: Empower administrators to define automatic adjustments to the sensitivity of walk-through metal detection based on real-time risk levels.
  • Incognito Mode: Automated orchestration of custom profiles and dynamic permissions to eliminate nuisance and false alarms from access workflows surrounding personnel and situations with authorized and concealed weapons in an environment.
  • Custom Access Profiles: Enable administrators to define custom access profiles based on the certification levels of authorized individuals.
  • Custom Screening Profiles: Enable administrators to define custom screening profiles based on certification levels of authorized individuals.
  • Repeat Offender Detection: Empower administrators to programmatically flag an individual’s access profile and the credentials of a repeat offender.

“In Texas and throughout the United States, we share an understanding with law enforcement that ‘Good Guys with Guns’ can save lives in a facility, especially when the individual is trained, certified and authorized for the job," said Clayton Brown, executive vice president at ReconaSense. He elaborated how “This innovative method of integration eliminates the need for relay module hardware and reduces the overall need for secondary manual screening events at high-traffic or high-value access points.“

This software-definable integration provides greater flexibility and more automation capabilities for metal detection systems, particularly when combined with physical access control solutions. The software-defined presets of the Garrett system are configured in the ReconaSense solution to allow the unit to identify the individual passing through and adjust the screening sensitivity accordingly with their profile. The result is a more tailored and higher-assurance personnel screening process for the most important access points and entryways of any facility.

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