Omnilert, a provier of active shooter solutions, announced that it has partnered with Evolv Technology to have its AI visual gun detection software integrated into the newly announced Evolv Extend to detect brandished guns. Leveraging Omnilerts open platform and flexible monitoring capabilities that allow Evolv to choose where to send detection alerts, Evolv Extend adds yet another layer of protection empowering onsite security operators to take immediate action to help prevent potentially catastrophic active shooter incidents.

Omnilert Gun Detect has a three-step verification process that not only recognizes a gun, but also the physical behavior consistent with gun violence. It can easily be deployed with any existing IP-based camera and can monitor spaces that other safety technology miss such as exterior grounds and parking lots. The software was designed with privacy concerns in mind as there is no use of facial recognition on subjects being monitored and live video feeds never leave the site.

Omnilert Gun Detect is advanced AI software that can identify a weapon in less than a second and once verified, can instantly initiate a robust response such as locking doors, contacting police and notifying staff and/or students. Unlike other offerings, Omnilert provides customers a choice in human verification of gun detections, allowing for alerts to be verified by Omnilert Monitoring centers, the customers onsite security team or security operations center (SOC) or even a third-party service of their choice. The intelligence is immediately shared via desktop, mobile and/or web apps, video management systems, and/or control room platforms. In the case of Evolv Extend, potential threats are sent to onsite security staff positioned near the Evolv Express system. These alerts include both an image and video feed of the potential shooter, empowering security professionals to swiftly implement emergency operational procedures to minimize the threat.

 “Research has shown that 70 percent of active shooting events happen outside a building, and in many other cases, the gunman has the weapon visible as they walk up to the front door, said Dave Fraser, CEO at Omnilert.  “By integrating our software with cameras located around the perimeter, Evolv customers will now be empowered to stop a gunman before they open fire or enter the premises, providing advance warning to those inside the building and potentially saving many lives.

We tested the Omnilert Gun Detect analytics using many kinds of guns, in different environments inside and outside, and under varying lighting conditions. Throughout all our testing, we were very impressed with the accuracy of the analytics and low false positive rate, said Steve Morandi, vice president of product at Evolv Technology.

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