The video intelligence platform SecurOS 11.6 enables end users to manage video search and archiving alongside AI-powered video analytics in a single user interface. SecurOS fallen person detector recognizes lying or fallen people and informs an organization’s response personnel. The detector tracks people whose body position is horizontal or close to horizontal and continues to remain so for a certain period of time (the interval is configurable). If such people are detected, the detector will send an appropriate notification to the event protocol. The operator then can pull up corresponding video footage in the archive (the person lying will be highlighted with a color frame on the video), determine the incident location and decide on further actions. Additionally, the detector helps those who have lost consciousness or may be deliberately lying down in places where it is prohibited. SecurOS fighting detector can determine people engaged in combat by identifying active human movements with a person’s hands and legs. As well, SecurOS fare evasion detector, designed for transit environments, identifies people who try to obtain access to subways or bus stations by jumping over a turnstile, crawling under it or passing between the blocking bar and the turnstile stand. Finally, SecurOS unifier provides end users with real-time centralized monitoring and automated incident management.