Intelligent Security Systems has added SecurOS hand sanitizer to the company’s offering of COVID-19 return-to-work solutions. The new analytics, built on artificial neural network and imaging technology from Intel, is designed to detect if an individual has not properly cleansed their hands in a designated area where handwashing and/or hand sanitization is mandated. The solution integrates Intel Realsense cameras with ISS’s SecurOS analytics platform to identify and analyze postures and movements of the skeletal body form. The combination of image depth metadata from Realsense and the ISS NN analytics, tracks the movement of hands in the act of washing/sanitizing. The metadata is further processed by the SecurOS platform, which defines actions as combinations of elementary movements. The SecurOS platform can define a set of actions indicating that a person is washing their hands at a basin/sink or standing in front of a free-standing sanitizing liquid dispenser and rubbing their hands together in an appropriate manner and for the requisite amount of time. The ISS SecurOS platform vocabulary is built using natural language and is similar in this aspect to IBM’s Watson.