Graybar, St. Louis, a distributor of communications and electrical products and related supply-chain management and logistic services, named Paul Koebbe, national market manager – security. The security division of the company is an extension of the company’s existing electrical and communications product offerings.

Koebbe, who came to Graybar with a diverse background that included both physical security and IT roles, brings a knowledge base and understanding of the rapid covergence happening between logical and physical access.

Graybar is one of several IT companies that have entered into the physical security market recently. “It is the next logical step. Everyone in the security market is aware of the converence and coming from the IT world, it was natural to bring our experience into the security marketplace,” Koebbe said.

Through the security division, Graybar will offer CCTV, access control, fire alarm, intercom, emergency telephone system, and exit device products, in addition to the existing cables and tools the company already offers, Koebbe explained. “We will be looking to put a balance in the product line to offer a range of price performance and vendor choices,” he added.

While Graybar will be looking to add on new customers through the product offerings, many of Graybar’s existing low-voltage installer customers who specialize in security will be a focus of expansion. “We want to make Graybar the only stop they make on their way to the job site,” Koebbe said. For more information on the company, visitwww.graybar.comor call (800) 472-9227.