In an attempt to broaden its membership base, the Georgia Burglar and Fire Alarm Association changed its name to the Georgia Low Voltage Contractors Association (GLVCA). Association members voted on the issue late December 2005 after talks on the change began in May 2005.

The priority of the association, said Greg Lamb, president of the GLVCA, is to affect legislation. “We are the only state in the Southeast that does not have a continuing education law in place and so we struggle every year to fill classes. It’s a financial issue,” he says in response to one of the reasons for the name change. Lamb and the association hope that by recruiting more members into the association, they can more effectively educate people in the industry.

In addition, Lamb said, the industry has expanded over the years in Georgia and many companies sell and install more than just burglar and fire alarms. Lamb said that GLVCA wants to target the 4,000 licensed low-voltage contractors in the state of Georgia, and add to the association’s current membership of about 225 people.

Decided in a separate vote was the withdrawal of the association’s charter agreement with the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA). The move to a statewide association concentrating on all electronic security, fire and other levels of low-voltage issues was done for a couple of reasons, Lamb said. In the fall 2005, the association conducted a poll and found that many smaller-company members felt that there wasn’t a lot of value for them to be associated with the NBFAA, Lamb stated.

“The dues are substantially larger for the NBFAA than the state dues,” he explained. Another reason for the withdrawal, Lamb said, is that with the name change to GLVCA, the state association will not be associated exclusively with members in the burglar and fire alarm industry.

In response to the withdrawal of the association’s charter agreement with the NBFAA, the national association stated: “Based on our experience, we believe that fragmentation has only one outcome – a weakened industry. It is through the national scope of the NBFAA and our federation of state chapters that we are able to lobby most effectively at the national level.”

The NBFAA went on to say, “We want to let our members in Georgia know that we are behind them and will work with them on options going forward…we are committed to a chartered chapter federation and will work with all of our chapters to ensure continued success.”

GLVCA initiatives for this year include a recruiting program for new members, and a new meeting strategy. The annual security show held by the association each year will be on April 27 at the Gwinette Center, Duluth, Ga. For more information about the show visit