With the introduction of the “Certified Dealer Network,” DynaPel products will be available exclusively from selected dealers who have been through a training program implemented by the company. The company has created specific selection criteria for dealers/integrators who will carry the DynaPel product line

“Our intention is to minimize direct competition between dealers within markets,” said Jeff Vollmar, vice president of DynaPel. Primary markets such as Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles will have multiple dealers, while secondary markets such as Columbus, Raleigh, and Salt Lake City will have fewer. “It is not our desire to saturate every market with as many dealers as possible,” said Vollmar.

In addition to attending sales and technical training seminars and passing an exam, each certified dealer will contract for an annual purchase volume of Dynapel products.

With a core line-up of products in place, DynaPel's suite of products continues to grow with the addition of EyeMax, a self-contained speed dome with up to four reference cameras; and Interceptor, a speed dome that has been maximized for use with CloseView technology. Also in the line-up are box cameras, vandal-resistant domes, LCD monitors, DVRs and power supplies.

For more information on the company’s products or how to become a DynaPel Certified Dealer, visitwww.dynapel.com.