A pocket-sized video and audio recording system utilizing solid state recording media combines Elmo microcamera technology, an MPEG4 digital recorder and a built-in color TFT 2.2-inch LCD monitor. The compact camera head (3.3-in. long X 0.7-in. diameter) and recorder/monitor body (3.54 X 2.2 X 0.9 in.) and 0.6 lb. weight make it usable as a handheld or body-worn surveillance, evidence-gathering and school bus security device. The heart of the system is a microcamera head with a 3.8 mm, F2.0 lens. The 1/4-in. color CCD has a 2:1 interlaced scanning system with an effective pixel number of 752 X 582. The device has an S/N ratio of greater than 48dB, and provides detailed images on the high-resolution monitor screen or for recording in illumination as low as 2 lx. The fully immersible camera head is waterproof up to 130 feet and is connected to the monitor/recorder by cable available in 2.53- or 4.92-foot lengths. MPEG4 encoding delivers fully synchronized audio and video recording with video resolution up to DVD quality (D1 resolution) at 30fps, storing files of up to 2GB on optional SD cards. Audio is captured by the built-in mono microphone or a user-supplied external mic.Elmo USA Corp.

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