EnerSys is offering the Varta “R” series of nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries. The RL (long duration), the RM (medium duration) and the RH (short duration) batteries provide a comprehensive product line for virtually any reserve power application, including telecommunications, electric utilities, UPS, railway, marine, photovoltaic, emergency lighting, engine starting and alarm systems. Varta “R” series batteries have a proven service life of 20 years in stationary operations, along with a long storage life. The batteries operate over a wide temperature of –40 C to +50 C (-40 F to +122 F), and are especially effective at low temperatures and deep discharge applications as compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, according to the manufacturer. EnerSys’ Varta NiCd batteries are housed in translucent plastic cases to make their electrolyte levels visible for easy maintenance, and feature a large electrolyte reserve to increase the time between maintenance intervals.Enersys

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