The recent introduction of voice communication over high-speed Internet connections has raised many issues on the effects of this service to the electronic security and life safety industry. In an effort to address these affects, the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA), Markham, Ontario, completed testing of this service in late February and has published its findings in a detailed report.

The study involved the results of testing using the VoIP connection from a T1 with no traffic and from a residential cable modem at peak service time.

This report outlines the successes, failures, benefits, and disadvantages of this service. The complete report is available in the member section of CANASA’s web site: A recommended sample letter is also available on the web site designed to help CANASA members communicate to clients the effects of this new service to their alarm system and personal safety.

CANASA will continue to work with providers of this service and meet with company executives to address the liability and operational issues of this service.