International Fiber Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission equipment, announces a new model for its existing VT1101M series mini-video transmitter and VR1100 video receiver. The IFS VT1101M and the VR1100 now have the option of adding a contact closure relay along with transmitting video. The new models are the VT1101M/VR1100-CC pairing. The contact closure relay allows an additional device, such as a dome tamper switch or alarm event input, to be added and its signal transmitted back to the monitoring location. This feature eliminates the need for additional wiring to support the alarm contact closure. The VT1101M series is a miniature-designed module and was introduced to fill the need for a camera-mounted fiber optic transmitter that could take the standard video output and convert it to be transmitted optically over fiber. International Fiber Systems Inc.

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