Edwards Signaling & Security Systems‚ announces the Millennium Event Driver Interface Software (MEDI), a Windows-based package that allows users to manage and control a network of remote paging and signaling devices directly from a laptop or desktop computer. The MEDI software, for example, can be programmed to automatically signal work start and stop times, break times, or any other desired timed event. The software can also be configured to manually initiate tones, wav files, or real time voice messages. Used in conjunction with Edwards’ Adaptatone‚ RS485 signaling devices network, the MEDI software has the ability to sound through all units or through selected zones. When the software is set to automatically initiate timed events to RS485 units, it constantly polls the network to ensure operability and will notify the user when communication is lost to any unit. The software can also be used to communicate to conventional speakers or speaker amplifiers in a common zone or all-call configuration. Edwards Signaling & Security Systems

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