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Fusion EM from Crestron is the energy management component of Fusion. Users can analyze energy consumption, turn lights on or off, set actions for when a room is occupied, adjust heating/cooling set points, edit demand response settings and more from the Web-based interface. Crestron Fusion EM is an energy management software solution for organizations of any size from school districts to corporate enterprises. The software gives users the control to change and schedule temperature set points, lighting levels and demand response settings. Fusion EM can save energy by automatically turning off lights and reducing HVAC use in unoccupied spaces. It controls lighting, shades, heating and cooling for every room in each facility. The rich graphical user interface organizes each room in a hierarchy tree based on building and region. Users can change scheduled events such as end-of-day shut down, edit rules for meeting times, or change climate set points, lighting scenes and shade levels for the occupied and vacated states in one or more rooms.