Wireless installations need to have strong, uninterrupted communication links. The Zap Checker 270 is the first professional wireless installation meter to aid in establishing those links. This product enables the installer to optimize the placement of hubs and remote sites for WLAN, Wi-Fi and security/surveillance installations. It helps to aim and align antennas, verify transmitter output, discover hot and cold spots, measure baseline (ambient) radio frequency (RF) levels, and locate radio frequency interfering sources. The ZC 270 has the unique high-sensitivity for 802.11 b,g installations to install wireless devices at distances greater than 40 ft., making it an ultra-sensitive Wi-Fi sniffer. Wireless installers are advancing now to RF management techniques such as controlling who uses their networks and detecting potential hacker locations. The ZC 270 enables the installer to measure signals inside and outside networks and help to shield and block signals which extend beyond their desired range. The ZC 270 also helps to overcome denial-of-service by discovering jammers and interfering signals and eliminating them. Alan Broadband Co.

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