AMAG Technology, Torrance, Calif., has enhanced its existing smart card solutions to continue supporting the U.S. Government's Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 201). AMAG's Homeland Series of security management solutions will soon support the new FIPS 201 standard.

HSPD-12 is a directive from the President of the United States mandating a common identification standard for all federal government agency employees and contractors. FIPS 201 is a standard published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in response to HSPD-12.

AMAG is available to assist government customers to help them meet the requirements stated in FIPS 201. Although FIPS 201 is primarily focused on credential issuance and interoperability, there is a dramatic difference between low security applications and higher security environments.