Honeywell is offering unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CCTV cable as a cost-effective alternative to dedicated coaxial or fiber cable. The UTP cable allows video, power and controls to reside in the same wire bundle. According to the manufacturer, the cables help users achieve near fiber-optic transmission-quality video because they reject interference and support digital CCTV technology including the newest DVRs and network cameras. The tightly twisted UTP cable protects signals from outside interference as well as from internal interference from the other pair and conductors. The cable consists of two 18 AWG solid bare conductors to carry power to the cameras, along with two pairs of Category 5E-type cables tested to 350 MHz. The first pair is used for video transmission, while the second can be for video transmission or for RS-422, RS-485 or pan-tilt-zoom data transmission.Honeywell

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