Dahua Technology has a lineup of 4MP cameras that re-empower coax cabling with superior image quality. The versatile, yet powerful HDCVI 3.0 camera offerings feature high performance and reliability with an overall ease of use, the company described. The new HDCVI 3.0 higher megapixel camera lineup includes four distinct indoor/outdoor IP67 housing options to choose from:

  • 4MP, fixed lens bullet camera with Smart IR up to 40m

  • 4MP, vari-focal lens bullet camera with Smart IR up to 60m

  • 4MP, fixed lens dome camera with Smart IR up to 30m

  • 4MP, fixed lens eyeball camera with Smart IR up to 50m

The cameras are embedded with an IR cut filter for varying lighting conditions and wide dynamic range technology (120dB). This allows important details to easily be captured in scenes with both bright and dark areas, providing excellent images at any time of day. All Dahua HDCVI 3.0 4MP cameras models offer integrated IR for easy identification of events or intruders in extreme low-light environments.

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