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SDM’s special report – Up & Comers in Security – follows a small group of firms that represent the next tier below theSDM100 in revenue size. In our May issue, we reported on the 100 largest security firms that sell, install, service and monitor electronic security systems. These firms, theSDM100, are ranked by their 2005 annual revenue. (See May 2006, “Strong & Balanced,” p. 58.) The companies onSDM’s third annual Up & Comers in Security report begin where theSDM100 leaves off, by ranking firms whose revenues fall just below theSDM100’s lower limit of $3.91 million.

The 26 security companies ranked here represented $69.25 million in annual revenue for 2005, and count more than 72,000 customers with $2.2 million in monthly recurring revenue. These firms are a major force in the security market, as they are often major players in some of the country’s secondary geographical markets, as well as tough competitors against the larger SDM 100 firms.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about these companies, many of which have been in business for more than 20 years. They are all privately owned businesses, and together they employ 718 people full-time.

Up & Comers in Security: What They Accomplished in 2005

Total annual revenue:
$69.25 million
Number of subscribers (customers):
Recurring monthly revenue:
$2.25 million
Full-time employees:
Number of business locations:

Editor’s Note: In future annual editions, SDM plans to include more companies, but that will depend upon industry participation. If you think your company may qualify to be ranked on either the SDM 100 or Up & Comers in Security, please contact the editor, Laura Stepanek, at (630) 694-4027, or by e-mail to