From GE Security, the ProBridge with Ethernet, or PBe, captures ATM or point-of-sale (POS) transaction text and associates it with recorded video without needing a serial port or its associated wiring costs. When connected to an installed 10/100 Ethernet network between the ATM or POS and video recorder, the PBe converts text to a format that is easily read by GE Security’s digital video multiplexer recorders and can address up to 16 IP-based terminals. Data, which is synchronized with recorded video, can be viewed on a GE DVMRe or StoreSafe Pro unit or via a remote connection using WaveReader software. Users can search for data by any combination of time, date, camera, transaction number, or transaction text. The PBe provides installers with system set-up flexibility since it can be connected to computers or laptops for setup and configuration. Installers simply enter multiple addresses in a multi-drop ATM or POS network. All data is stored in nonvolatile memory, so settings are retained even when power is removed from the unit.GE Security

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