NetLink and StarLink products from Napco Security Systems are new alarm reporting options designed to go with the trend in the VoIP/no-phone line residential market. When subscribers eliminate their traditional “telco” phone lines in favor of cell-phone only service or VoIP phones, alarm dealers can retain these accounts by using a choice of Napco NetLink or StarLink alarm reporting products. Napco’s NetLink Net-Comm is a programmable control panel module that reports alarm signals over a TCP/IP- based network. Data is transmitted securely by using both NIST/AES encryption and dynamic IP addressing. Regardless of alarm panel brand, for backup communications or to protect against Internet interruptions, Napco’s StarLink RF Wireless Backup Unit (SL1/12) will report alarm conditions to any central station, and does so using a dedicated data-only network by Velocita (a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel). The StarLink unit can be used with any control panel brand, requires no programmer, is affordable, easy to install and offers 24/7 online account maintenance.Napco Security Systems Inc.

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