The SureWave line of wireless no-touch switch solutions includes a stand-alone battery-operated wireless switch (CM-330), as well as the option to add a plug-in wireless transmitter to a one-relay (CM-331) or two-relay (CM-332) line-powered switch, or a hybrid battery powered no-touch switch with relay output (CM-333). This range of wireless no-touch switch models gives installers the ability to select the exact switch configuration that will best serve the needs of their customers and allows them to

complete the project (new or retrofit) with minimal installation time and cost. Camden SureWave switches are not just wireless, they are part of Camden’s Lazerpoint RF family of 915Mhz. spread-spectrum wireless devices. The Lazerpoint RF family includes SureWave wireless no-touch switches, as well as (manual) wall switch transmitters, fobs and keypads. Camden battery-powered SureWave switches provide long battery life because Camden offers a micro-burst sensor design that minimizes the power requirements. This means two years of battery life using Alkaline batteries and up to four years using lithium batteries, at 100 activations per day. All Camden wireless products include a low battery indicator and a battery test feature. Sure-Wave Hands-Free switches eliminate the spread of germs by avoiding physical contact and are available with stainless steel or impact resistant polycarbonate faceplates, and with narrow (jamb), single gang, double gang, or 6-in. round faceplates. All models are in-stock for immediate delivery.

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